Our Mission and Vision

Our vision:

To ensure that every student is empowered to succeed in a rapidly changing world through a stimulating curriculum.

Our mission:

To provide a safe and nurturing environment through a challenging curriculum so that students are inspired to become responsible and productive global citizens.

Our Goals

Our goal is to produce students who are well-trained to face the academic and intellectual challenges of a rapidly-changing world. We seek to produce ‘empowered learners’ – where empowerment is defined as “the process of creating intrinsic task motivation by providing an environment and tasks which increase one’s sense of self-efficacy and energy.” (Frymier, Shulman and Houser, pp. 182-3). We hope to achieve this by giving students learning experiences that meet their personal needs and by equipping them with tools they need in order to succeed.

We hope to accomplish this by:

Clarifying expectations.
Making learning meaningful.
Supporting students’ efforts by identifying relevant resources.
Celebrating their successes.
Showing them how to learn from failures.

Our Priorities

-To ensure a safe environment to our learners.
-To continue to develop and improve the quality of teaching and learning across our school.
-To prepare our students for today’s and tomorrow’s world with critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
-To enable our students to demonstrate leadership and collaborative skills and to anticipate and adapt to change.
-To maintain an atmosphere where students respect others, embrace cultural diversity, and become responsible citizens.